Virtual Trial Success

February 9, 2021

Congratulations to HWS Law Group for his recent success in a virtual Zoom trial before a King County Superior Court Judge and jury.  In this matter, Plaintiff claimed traumatic carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of a significant rear end motor vehicle accident where Plaintiff was pushed into the vehicle in front of him and airbags deployed while he was firmly gripping the steering wheel preparing for impact.  Defendant struck Plaintiff squarely in the rear of his vehicle, but claimed Plaintiff had swerved in at the last moment before a red light.  Airbag explosion was cited as cause of trauma to anterior wrists and resultant swelling/bleeding damage to the carpal tunnel.

Surgery was performed on both of Plaintiff’s wrists with a good outcome and a return to work. Plaintiff also claimed minor soft tissue neck and back pain. Our defense expert disputed whether trauma was significant enough to cause traumatic carpal tunnel, but was unable to point to any other specific cause.  Plaintiff’s expert relied heavily on the fact that numbness and tingling in fingers aligned with carpal tunnel median nerve distribution pattern and manifested within two to three days of the accident. Plaintiff’s special damages were $22,500.  Prior to trial, Plaintiff left mediation and refused to negotiate below $80,000.  The jury found 10% liability on Plaintiff and awarded a total of $27,500.




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