Mobile Crane Accident Investigation After Falling From Trailer

Accident Investigation

A catastrophic loss presents multifaceted issues that require immediate handling. If such an event results in significant property damage, business loss, injury, or fatality, an immediate and thorough investigation can be critical to a successful defense.

HWS Law Group maintains a 24/7 emergency response and accident investigation team for catastrophic events. Whether the accident involves construction, fire or transportation, clients can expect an immediate and thorough response. Our attorneys immediately assemble a team of attorneys and experts who go to the scene to preserve evidence, document the condition of the scene, interview witnesses and speak with appropriate authorities, including representation of our clients in governmental interviews, if necessary. Based on this immediate investigation, we fully analyze any potential liability and identify the persons or entities responsible for the incident and damage. Our clients find that conducting a comprehensive investigation as early as possible saves significant expenses in the long run and is the safest way to ensure all evidence is preserved to support their defense.

Representative Investigations:

  • Fatality accident scenes;
  • Vehicle, semi-truck and tanker truck accidents;
  • Structural failures and water leaks at residential and commercial properties; and
  • Crane accidents and other construction worksite injuries involving catastrophic injuries.



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