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Risk Assessment & Prevention

Holt Woods & Scisciani LLP’s Risk Assessment & Prevention team has encountered a wide variety of business and liability disputes through their years of litigation. As a result, our team has a keen understanding of what it takes to analyze and prevent the risks businesses face. Our team works with clients directly or in collaboration with client-designated risk management specialists to develop and implement processes and procedures designed to put our clients ahead of the risks that would otherwise generate claims and liability.

Whether you’re a new or existing client, our team will conduct a thorough analysis to understand your business and areas of potential exposure. Our business-minded attorneys understand that organizations have competing demands and potential liability is only one of those demands. We will help you understand the risks your business faces and assist you in weighing the options to mitigate that risk. Where mitigation is needed, our team will assist you in the development of company policies, contracts, site modifications or processes designed to reduce risk and liability exposure.

Throughout the process, Holt Woods & Scisciani LLP is committed to helping our clients recognize, confront and contain risk. Even after our initial assessment and implementation of risk-prevention measures, we will work to keep you informed of key legal decisions and developments that may impact your business.

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