General practitioner and nurse wearing surgical face mask in hospital hallway.

Medical Professionals

Holt Woods & Scisciani LLP provides counsel in all aspects of healthcare litigation defense throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our skilled attorneys defend doctors, nurses, hospitals, outpatient and ambulatory facilities, medical practice offices of all specialties and other healthcare providers in medical malpractice lawsuits. Holt Woods & Scisciani LLP understands the intricate details of healthcare and we have a proven track record for obtaining excellent results. The firm has defended a numerous variety of claims including catastrophic injuries, post-operative complications, failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis and a variety of physician, nursing and hospital management issues.

In order to prevail on a medical malpractice claim, a plaintiff must prove that he sustained injury as a direct result of the medical treatment and that the treatment did not meet the minimum standard of care required of a reasonable and prudent medical professional. Our law firm holds plaintiffs to their burden of proof and seeks to have frivolous claims dismissed as soon as possible. We advocate for our clients during the pre-suit resolution process and frequently succeed on summary judgment motions. Using expert medical witness testimony, we challenge medical malpractice claims at every juncture.  If a case is not dismissed through summary judgment motions, we are ready to take a case through trial.

Holt Woods & Scisciani LLP’s defense philosophy fosters a team approach to case management. We work directly with our clients to create a successful and cost-effective strategy. Our experience, knowledge and preparation allow us to provide our clients with practical and sound advice. We help each of our clients in determining the most appropriate course of action given the facts, exposure to liability and alleged damages. We balance vigorous legal solutions with our clients’ goals and desires for their professional future.

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