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Natalia Bendis

January 18, 2023

Natalia Bendis is an associate attorney in the Seattle office of HWS Law Group LLP. Natalia is a strategist with a practice focused on complex civil and commercial litigation.

Shaun Campbell

August 10, 2022

Shaun Campbell is an Associate Attorney at HWS Law Group LLP, admitted to practice in federal and state court in Washington State. His practice primarily focuses on personal injury, construction defect, and products liability. Shaun works diligently to serve as an advocate for his clients to ensure their rights are protected during each step of the litigation process.

Meredith A. Sawyer

August 18, 2021

Ms. Sawyer joined HWS as a senior attorney in 2020 and has over twenty years of civil litigation experience. Her practice currently focuses on civil litigation in the areas of personal injury, property damage and real estate disputes, including boundary line, trespass, premises liability and homeowners’ association litigation. She also has experience handling subrogation matters involving fires.

Robert Parker

August 17, 2021

Robert Parker is the Partner in the Portland office of HWS Law Group LLP. Robert has a varied practice covering areas from complex civil litigation to First Amendment cases, internet law, trade practice and intellectual property.



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