Kaytlin Leigh Carlson - Senior Associate Attorney

Kaytlin L. Carlson

Senior Associate Attorney

Kaytlin Carlson is a Senior Associate Attorney at Holt Woods & Scisciani LLP Seattle office where she has practiced for the majority of her professional career.  Kaytlin manages cases in a wide range of practice areas, but she primarily focuses on premises liability, automobile liability, construction defect and product liability.  Prior to joining Holt Woods and Scisciani LLP, Kaytlin worked at a plaintiffs’ firm and advocated for individuals injured in car accidents as well as those who were wrongfully terminated.  Having worked on both sides of the aisle, Kaytlin brings her unique insight into her current practice and is able to work cooperatively with both co-counsel and opposing counsel.  Kaytlin has experience working with a wide variety of clients ranging from individuals, small contractors, general contractors, as well as large corporations.  She understands that every client’s needs and goals are different, and provides a tailored approach to accommodate each respective client.

While Kaytlin is a vigorous advocate for her clients, her ability to communicate effectively with opposing counsel often results in successful negotiation and resolution through mediation, including several high exposure cases involving high profile clients.  In addition, she has been successful through informal negotiations and saved money for both clients and carriers.

Kaytlin is outgoing and enjoys working with and helping people.  As a result, she has been successful working with clients and other involved parties and getting them to open up and trust her.  She offers emotional support in addition to providing legal advice, and enjoys being able to help and make a difference for clients who are having difficulty navigating the litigation process.


Kaytlin is both a member of a book club for over a decade and is a passionate Seattle sports fan who can be found cheering on the Mariners, Huskies, and Seahawks during their respective seasons.  She also enjoys live music, tennis, cooking and exploring Seattle’s restaurant scene.




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